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Effect Design

With our effect designs we’re transferring your construction works in exceeding innovative projects.
In the focus we always have function, compliance with requirements, cost effectiveness, energy efficiency and environment.
Award Cup

…was designed for a company and its foreign partners.
Different precious materials as lead crystal, aluminum and stainless steel have been used and combined with each other.

Moving Picture

For the “Oberes Greizer Schloss” we’ve developed and manufactured a moving picture.
It’s equipped with an electric engine and key switch.

During the realization phase the main focus was on the optimal position in the room, special watching function and the step through the image in the room behind.

If necessary the owner can use the movement function to enlarge the room and modify the options for usage.


During this application parts of the picture are moved optimally and put in scene.

Spring lighting

For the “Greizer Schloss” produced remote controlled spring lighting offers a spectacular view on the spring.
Whilst staying on a grid made of stainless steel the admirer can watch a light starting on the top of the spring moving down slowly to the water surface.

The light is pretending the admirer the illusion to glide with his eyes slowly down to the water’s surface and deeper into the bay. When the light is dunking into the water colored amazing light reflections and effects are occurring.

Due to the usage of a special repository material drops are falling down when the light is lifted that creating rings, waves and illusions of water flowers on the water’s surface.
It’s a symphony of light and wave.

The easy handling with remote control is offering the castle guide the chance to make the old spring in built the rock alive for the visitors.
During the demonstration the guide has all the time the possibility to stop the movement of the light to explain the details more easy.

Only the installation of this light system offers guarantees the chance to view the bay from the top to the bottom under more or less same lighting conditions.

Illuminated Handrails

For the “Oberes Greizer Schloss” we’ve developed, produced and installed a special handrail light.
It’s used for the energy saving, effect full, directed, discreet but secure lighting of the room and it’s mainly reassessing the castle tour for the visitors.


The step by step activating diffuse light transfers the illusion to the admirers to glide slowly through the different sections of the exhibitions. These big quantities of different illuminated handrails are staged due to the diffuse lights into bridges in the room.

They’re guiding the visitor along rocks and treasure seeker corridors, natural stone and brig walls built within different centuries that have been found and unified there in the castle.

The illuminated hand rail bridges are always cutting the darkness of the following cellar and illuminating the entrance.

The additional usage of special LED lights helps to minimize the energy consumption in parallel to an optimal museum experience and a maximum of safety on critical parts of the path.