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Automotive Engineering

 Our department for automotive engineering is dealing with the planning and production of your special requirements in efficiency improvement under compliance with traffic related regulations.
This can be found in our specific arrangements car tuning, optical and technical reassessment or trailer production.

Car tuning:

The size of the cargo area can be adjusted by remote from the driver before the loading of the lorry.

The length of the cargo area can be customized between 1,5m standard and 2,06m maximum.

It’s moving as wide as needed and can be stopped within the action.
Due to this it’s possible to clip light cargo and it’s not longer necessary to secure the goods with additional systems.
Long bulky goods can be transported without the usage of a trailer. Faster transport speed with secured goods is possible now.
An example for improved efficiency and flexibility.

Optical and technical reassessment:

…means for us to implement the requested characteristics in the existing car concept. This helps to enlarge usage property and appearance of commercial vehicles and cars.

Within the planning phase the main focus is on improvement of cost effectiveness.

Trailer production:

Our department is producing or customizing innovative, high quality products for you.

We’re coping with your specific requirements under compliance with traffic related regulations. 

We’ve developed, produced and installed an increased cargo area.
It consists of modeled stainless steel plates for the inner and outside skin, tracks and slide surface as well as the original back end.

Project adjustable cargo area:

Original cargo area Customized extendable cargo area

Project: Optical and Technical reassessment:

Optical reassessment
Technical reassessment

Project trailer manufacturing:

trailer base frame zinc coating preparation

Machine Engineering


This department is dealing with the development and production of tools for handcraft, industry and environment.
Highest quality and quantity as well as efficiency improvement are in the focus.


Pile shooting tool:


For the installation of various steel fencing pile within seconds.
Due to this the usage of drill tools and concrete is reduced a lot by improving efficiency and environmental safety. 

Pipe polishing tool:


Is used for the additional and free polishing of handrails joints though all time replaceable different grained polishing belts. It’s only demanding small movements around the treated joint areas to clean and polish these areas according to the surface structure.
The clear advantage of this technology is the chance to use the belts to the end.